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Why Wyoming?

     The Cowboy state and neighbor to my north was rather foreign to me until last year.  I had countless Gold Medal streams within a couple hours drive of Denver, why would I leave those to explore someplace new?  Using the never blind hindsight, I now have realized that an annual fishing license in Wyoming could be priced at 1.5 kidneys and I would still pay it.  Simply put, the rivers are big, the trout are big, and you can use big flies.  I hate to break it to you Texas but everything is actually bigger in Wyoming.
I’ll never forget my first trip up there.  It served as me getting out of my fly fishing comfort zone, which, by definition is extremely uncomfortable.  Fishing from a boat in a river that never flows less than 500 cfs has a very different approach than sight fishing a thin tailwater.  Rowing is the obvious variable here and the first challenge one must overcome.  The actual act of rowing is not that difficult.  Trying to set up a fisherman while on the “sticks” is a whole new ball game and surprisingly rewarding as you work with a buddy to catch the elusive alligator.  As my friends and I continue to learn the waters of our country’s least populous state, I cannot help but smile as each trip seems to get better and better.  DTF—capable of invading and occupying Wyoming.  Come to think of it, I have no idea why Wyomians hate “Greenies”.
Enjoy the photos below, the goods ones were snapped by my buddy Nate Paradiso.