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Story Behind the Beast

     A few weeks ago I was fortunate to be part of a once in a lifetime experience.  This event is something that I am hesitant to share details about out of respect for the fish and the spot, but also because of the recent criticism that has come with “blogging” and posting things on the intra-webs.  I am by no means complaining about this because I agree with it to an extent.  There are people out there who shamelessly self promote, write without a filter, and post whatever pictures they take with hopes of receiving free gear.  This however is not why I started DeltaTroutForce.  DTF was started back before “blogging” (I really hate that word) became a verb and the thing to do.  I created the site because I loved seeing pictures and reading stories from fishing missions others took.  I have always made fly fishing the top priority in my life and generally enjoy documenting certain aspects of it.   With this being said, I will share some details of an incredible adventure from last weekend.
I was out fishing with a group of friends.  The majority were fly fisherman but a couple non-anglers tagged along for the mountain experience.  We traveled less than 3 hours from Denver to a favorite section of river.  Around 11:00 am I saw a fish that made my heart stop.  Shocked, I called my friends over to make sure I wasn’t witnessing a mirage.  My hands instantly began to shake as something in the back of my mind knew I was about to cast at the trout of my life.  On my third cast I saw the fish slightly move to its side to eat something.  Instinctively I set and the water erupted…
This fish would not have been landed without help from my good buddy Chris Smith.  As the beast tired out, we contemplated how to even fit it into the net.  Chris got his head in the bag as he used his free arm to try and support it.  I thought the battle was over as I saw the mother of all trout, half in a net lifted a foot out of the water.  As I stepped over to help control it, the net broke and the fish disappeared.  My heart sank.  I cannot even begin to tell you how I felt because it is a feeling I have never felt before.  I went from having the fish of my life in the net, to it making its escape.  This fish of indescribable proportions was going to get away and no one would believe me—simply another fish tale.  As the net broke, Chris’s hand instinctively shot down, saving the day as he grabbed the fish by its tail.
In awe, we admired the fish while making sure to leave it in the water.  We all knew what we were looking at and treated the dinosaur of a fish with the respect it deserves.  Our buddy Marshall Miller had joined us on our weekend adventure and fortunately for us, Marshal doubles as an incredible photographer.  He snapped some quick pictures before the fish was safely released to set a good example for all of his friends.
The rest of the day fished awesome.  Bugs were out and trout aggressively fed.  I didn’t fish much after that though—a couple more casts as the day passed but mostly sat on the bank smiling over the one that didn’t get away. Confused as to what had happened but truly humbled that the fish gods chose to bless me with that magnificent creature.