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If I had a dollar for every time I have had the opportunity to fish Christmas Island, I would have exactly one dollar.  That is why the choice was a no-brainer for me to forgo my dads birthday, New Year’s Eve, and the Ohio St. vs Alabama bowl game to travel to this corral atoll that I have read so much about. The trip was with two of the best fly fishers that I am lucky to call friends, Justin Crump and Kate Taylor.  When not traveling the world armed with graphite, Justin and Kate operate Frigate Adventure Travel, the hosting group of this, and future trips to CXI.  Home for the week was the famous Ikari House located on the north-easternmost point of the island.  With countless miles of flats to roam, not much time was spent at the house (and even fewer sober hours there).  Typical mornings saw some skeptical looking bacon followed by a 6am departure time.  The daily options ranged from wandering the endless flats of the lagoon, exploring the Korean Wreck beach front, or covering water offshore where the diversity of fish species needs to be counted on fingers and toes.  As much as I love fishing with a fly, I thankfully am not one of those self proclaimed “purists” that will stubbornly refuse a good time with some hardware.  As a matter of fact, my favorite day may have been our day jigging and trolling offshore. 

The team for the day was new friend and brotha from an another motha, Jeff Feczko, Justin Crump and myself. We started jigging just offshore and were rewarded with everything from Yellow Fin to Corral Trout.  This was my first time doing this style of fishing and it left me sore armed with thoughts of gratitude for not getting pulled overboard.  When not jigging, one could take shots at flossing milkfish as hundreds of these intriguing filter feeders surfed by.   

  Or maybe my favorite day was my last on the Atoll where Jeff and I got paired up with 30 year veteran, Tyrone.  We lost track of the amount of bonefish landed but one fish in particular stood out.  As Jeff was fighting his biggest bone, repeated blazing runs straight back at him caused the line to knot up and lock around the reel.  Thankfully his Cheeky spool was easy to remove as that was our immediate reaction and what was required to hand line the boss in.   

Overall, it was a great adventure with great people and like most fishing trips, ended with sunburns and thoughts of unfinished business.  Although I may be forever terrified of Fiji Airways, I will always be grateful for my experience to the Republic of Kiribati and the island of Kiritimati.  Frigate Travel is already booking for next year’s trip, please contact me at with any questions on how to join in on the experience!     


  1. Duuuude! So many species! Looks like an incredible trip.

  2. skeptical looking bacon! So terrifying!

  3. Love your work.

    PS: Did you eat those grouper-like fishes? They look tasty.

    • Thanks Gracie! Didn’t snack on the grouper looking fish, they smelled worse than a pike