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Fresh Kicks

1 millions years ago in 2010, the world saw the birth of a different type of fly fishing media page.  Originally, a culmination of friends wanted to share the art they took away from their fly fishing missions and a website was born.  As a small following started to accumulate, the name was changed to as that more appropriately represented our personality—fly fishing is about having fun and DTF was going to be our outlet for this important message.

As the times and internet jargon continued to evolve, we felt it might be a good chance to give everyone’s favorite fish porn viewing ground a much needed makeover.  “Wordpress” was something I previously found myself avoiding as I did not think my rudimentary computer skill set could even create a login let alone handle using it as a platform for my precious DTF.   That is where my good friend Kevin Cooke became my personal Phil Jackson and saving grace.  The unlimited customization options that go along with wordpress may have intimated myself but to Kevin, it was just another language that he was fluent in.  He had the patience of a farmer during a drought and the ability to slowly work with me in building the website I envisioned in my head.

 You will now notice that the boring set in place templates of weebly are a thing of the past.  No longer will you have to squint your eyes to read white text on a black background nor will you have to dig around the intrawebs for your favorite DTF post of the past.

 If you want to see me get all sorts of internet fired up, check out the “Quite Frankly” page for the industry’s first ever negative review blog.  For fish porn in the motion picture form, visit the “Movies” section or to see why we should feel morally obligated to protect our watersheds, the “Conservation” page is the place to go.

 The minimal amount of fresh content the past couple months was not from a lack of time on the water, just that I can only manage to spend so many hours a day staring at a computer screen and building a website claimed those allocated hours and then some.  Below are some recent photos from my favorite fishing season with many more to come!