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     I love holidays.  The time off work is a major factor here but when looking at it, the true meaning behind the holiday is often one worth taking note of—I mean that is why the day is designated a holiday, something important must of happened right?  Lets search our annual calendar for a recent example.
Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday trailing only the mischievous Halloween.  It is hard to top an excuse for being glutinous at the result of a genocide but hey, I’m an American so I will not deny a reason to celebrate.  What I try and take away from this long weekend are the values I am told originally ignited the holiday—giving thanks.
At times, we forget to look upon certain aspects of our life as luxuries and unfortunately we take things for granted.  Myself included, I am not nearly as appreciative of the life I live as I should be.  After another incredible weekend on the water, I would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the overlooked things that I am appreciative of.
I am thankful for having friends to create traditions with.  My life is constantly evolving but having some of my best friends who also are infatuated with this incredible sport helps keep me on the water and planning these adventurous trips. The snowball effect quickly rolls.  One develops relationships and learns from others as they continue to immense themselves into this lifestyle.  So much of fly fishing is learned during time off the water.  Beginning to tie flies, studying maps, and creating relationships with other fishermen all play an important role in maturing as an angler.  One cannot help but express gratitude for the relationships developed through this sport and the knowledge taken away from them.
Next on my laundry list, I am thankful I was born a fisherman.  I’ve always been wary of the expression, “you aren’t born a politic, you become one.”  Well politics suck.  Not trying to be a communist or anything but nurture does have some influence over nature.  I am convinced I was born a fisherman and I can never express how thankful I am for this.  There is never a doubt in my mind when it comes to priorities and I for one stand behind my decisions.
On a more relevant note, I am thankful for a recent Thanksgiving trip and the elusive double grand slam that it brought.  This is not a turkey mixed with a ham and covered with teriyaki flavored fortune cookies.  This is catching a brown, rainbow, cutthroat, and cutbow as well as sticking them on dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.  That, my appreciative friends, is worthy of a moment of silence.
Although I may not think this when driving north on highway 25, people are genuinely good.  Putting situational complexities asides, we should all be able to reflect on different experiences and know it is appropriate to give thanks when gratitude is due.