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You know how there is a little bit of an adjustment period when using a new shower?  One can only guess how long it will take for the water to get warm and you obviously don’t know where to aim the handle for that perfect temperature.  Well that is kinda what I felt about steelhead fishing…I know trout and steelhead are trout, right? I mean I have taken a shower before…

The journey of the steelhead is one any Cross Fit athlete would respect (and then probably tell you about).  From an egg in a coastal tributary to ocean predator, that isn’t even half their journey as the steelhead will travel back into that same river to spawn and unlike Salmon, do this routine multiple years before they pass.      

A truly powerful fish, this was different from any type of fishing I had previously done and overall, an unbelievable experience. The scenery was comparable to New Zealand but the fish acted as if they had been injected with FourLoko spiked Caffeine Pills. Double digit #Maxima could be snapped like 8/0 thread and low water levels gave the fish 20/20 vision.  They were difficult to hook and unnecessarily spooky, but I had a weapon in my corner that was almost like using cheat codes.  I was fishing with Kate Taylor and Justin Crump

Some of my most memorable fishing experiences have been with them and this trip was no exception.  If you have any inquiries about joining Justin and Kate on future trips throughout this world, email me at  And one more thing, the shower in their place was backwards-the hot and cold were actually reversed. 

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  1. mariellenfrank

    hey! boy! i feel your enthusiasm all of the way to cf.I
    keep up with your activities. saw your mom and dad’s new digs and amanda and geoff, too while i was wintering in fl. a good year to be out of cv!

    come home to see me!