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Casting 4 A Cure

     Rett Syndrome is a nervous system disorder that leads to developmental issues in young girls.  The disorder normally becomes apparent at 6 months affecting verbal and motor skills along with a deceleration of growth.   Girls with Rett Syndrome often need help with daily activities and are forced to live with a high likelihood of seizures.   Unlike many diseases, doctors have discovered the exact gene responsible for Rett Syndrome meaning a cure is on the horizon.
5 years ago Bill Farnum and Jim Copeland created Casting 4 a Cure, an event inspired by two passions—fly fishing and the drive for a cure.  It originally was a weekend fishing trip for friends who would give donations in return for the perfectly planned weekend adventure.  As word about the event spread, it quickly grew as more wanted to get involved.  The non-profit is now an organization that has raised over $300,000 for Rett Syndrome research.  An event that has earned support from the following sponsors:Fishpond, Sage,Scott, Costa del Mar,Yeti, Coca-Cola, World Cast Anglers, Howler Brothers, Big Agnes, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dry Fly Distillery, F3T, and Patagonia. The video below provides more information on the Casting 4 A Cure event.  To get involved or learn more about this disorder, check out the Casting 4 a Cure website.

 Fishpond was one of the first to sponsor the incredible event and this year, we were fortunate enough to shut down the office and make the trek to Victor Idaho for the festivities.  Not only did we help raise enough money to fund the first ever clinical trial on Rett Syndrome, we were able to fish along the way.  Rivaling the fishing experience was the bonding and camaraderie established with the many other attendees of this unique gathering.  The fly shop World Cast Anglers provided 32 guides and drift boats.  Will Kurtz and I were lucky to be paired with his childhood friend and World Cast guide Brian Johnson.  Brian quickly had us fishing these big rivers and showed us an awesome time.  Below are some pictures from water, including a series showing the descent down the infamous Teton Slide, a 1,000 ft drop with a raft and a rope.



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