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Fly Fishing is the perfect combination of art and sport.  Whether it is being able to successfully sight fish to pressured trout or the image of a long cast with nothing but snowcapped mountains and blue skies in the background, both require a certain amount of skill but also represent a type of beauty that many find cannot be matched.

Similar to life, knowledge in fishing is the result of experience.  Lessons are constantly learned but the overall reality of accepting the fact that there will always be some fish you just can’t catch is a rite of passage the avid angler will eventually have to pass.  This is one of the reasons a fisherman keeps fishing.  No matter how big your biggest fish is, there is always one out there that can one up it.

Fly Fishing can mean many different things to a lot of people.  To some, it is more than a hobby, more than a challenge and more than a weekly escape.  It becomes the reason behind what they do and who they are.  Closely linked with the love of fly fishing comes a desire to protect these rivers we have grown so close with in order to preserve them for future generations.  Here is a view inside both the sport and art aspects of fly fishing that appeal to us–this is why we fly fish. Whatever the reason you are on this page, whether it is serving as a distraction at work from your task at hand or just a casual yet much needed reminder of the lifestyle you love.  We hope it will help hold you over until you can get out on the water again.  Enjoy what we take away from fly fishing.  Send any questions or fish pictures to

Danny Frank
Cooper Hopkins
Jack Reis
Parker Clemens



“I honestly don’t know why I fly fish.  Or, rather I fish in order to save my life; I just don’t know why it saves my life.”

John Gierach