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Dry shake that Wolly Bugger

I will never turn DTF into a “how to website” but when I do pick up a piece of information that will benefit others while not hindering my ability to fish in peace, I go ahead and share it-my way of rewarding you 14 readers who are not my mother. 

It may be a common joke among fly fishermen, but who hasn’t been hucking streamers when a fish rises in the periphery? The natural joke that always follows is, “Should I throw a streamer at it?”  The common perception that such a ridiculous idea would never work causes laughter around the boat.. 

Well I am here to tell you to follow through with your sarcasm!

A fish sipping on dries is still a feeding fish.  When I have my streamer rod in hand and spot a rising fish I almost always cast at it and (occasionally) find success.  A few weeks ago I was fishing in Idaho at the Casting4aCure annual event.  We were floating one of the state’s countless scenic rivers and sighted a cutty slowly feeding on the surface.  I was fishing my obnoxious dual streamer 8wt rig which initiated the obligatory “Cast a streamer at it!” comment.  I was already completing my 10-2 which saw a cast land a few feet in front of the cutthroat finishing his rise. One slow strip saw the fish break away from its current motion in the direction of my fly.  A second, quicker strip, and the fish charged my fly before engulfing it—giving me an incredibly visual eat in the process. 

Preconceptions often get in the way of how we act/fish. We assume one thing so we always go with that same approach.  Well break away from the habit!  I may just be throwing words against a wall here but I am hoping some stick. Remember to mix it up while out there.  Diversity is the spice of life and if you are not having fun you are not doing it right.  Take the path less traveled and don’t just fish to fill a stat sheet.

**drops the mic before walking off to throw mice on a sinking line.  Enjoy some photos.